Engaging Government, Involving Civil Society,
Promoting The Rule Of Law In Sudan


The Project for Criminal Law Reform in Sudan has been initiated by REDRESS and Khartoum Center for Human Rights and Environmental Development (KCHRED). After the closure of KCHRED, the Sudanese Organisation for Research and Development (SORD) joined the initiative. Recently the Sudanese Human Rights Monitor became project partner. The initiative is a collaborative effort, with community groups and civil society organisations playing a major role as stakeholders to identify priorities and implement activities. To this end, a number of groups from all over the country have formed a network, which is driven by local and thematic focal points, i.e. individuals who work on the issues locally or on a specific subject, such as sexual violence. An Advisory Committee comprising twenty eminent experts in the field of law and other disciplines guides the project and provides crucial advice on law and advocacy. The project partners also work closely with the media to raise awareness of relevant issues.

The project partners and stakeholders also engage with government officials, parliamentarians and international agencies, such as UNMIS, to further the law reform process through exchange of information, discussions and lobbying. In this process, the Advisory Council for Human Rights, together with SORD and REDRESS, co-hosted a workshop for government officials on law reform in February 2008.


The Criminal Law Reform Project is open and inclusive. It seeks to engage with all those interested in, and committed to criminal law reform and human rights in Sudan. In so doing, it provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas on how best to advance to advocate for relevant reforms and on how to ensure that any reforms undertaken adhere to human rights in line with Sudan’s commitments under national and international law.

We welcome any contributions to this end from anyone.

whoever or wherever you are. You can engage by:

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