The Project for Criminal Law Reform in Sudan has been initiated and is managed by the Khartoum Centre for Human Rights and Environment Development (KCHRED) and REDRESS. It is a collaborative effort, with community groups and civil society organisations playing a major role as stakeholders to identify priorities and implement activities. To this end, a number of groups from all over the country have formed a network, which is driven by local and thematic focal points, i.e. individuals who work on the issues locally or on a specific subject, such as sexual violence. An Advisory Committee comprising twenty eminent experts in the field of law and other disciplines guides the project and provides crucial advice on law and advocacy. The project partners also work closely with the media to raise awareness of relevant issues.

The project partners and stakeholders also engage with government officials, parliamentarians and international agencies, such as UNMIS, to further the law reform process through exchange of information, discussions and lobbying. In this process, the Advisory Council for Human Rights, together with KCHRED and REDRESS, co-hosted a workshop for government officials on law reform in February 2008.


The Criminal Law Reform Project is open and inclusive. It seeks to engage with all those interested in, and committed to criminal law reform and human rights in Sudan. In so doing, it provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas on how best to advance to advocate for relevant reforms and on how to ensure that any reforms undertaken adhere to human rights in line with Sudan’s commitments under national and international law.

We welcome any contributions to this end from anyone.

whoever or wherever you are. You can engage by:

  • Joining our listserv
  • Sending a message to our forum
  • Emailing us; and/or
  • Letting us know how you would like to contribute to our efforts.


  • REDRESS & ACJPS Submission to All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sudan & South Sudan
    August 2016
  • Litigation before the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the struggle against torture in Sudan
    August 2016
  • The Constitutional Protection of Human Rights in Sudan: Challenges and Future Perspectives
    January 2014
  • Arrested Development: Sudan's Constitutional Court, Access to Justice and the Effective Protection of Human Rights
    August 2012
  • Comments to Sudan's 4th and 5th Periodic Report to the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights: Article 5 of the African Charter: Prohibition of torture, cruel, degrading or inhuman punishment and treatment
    April 2012
  • Comments to Sudan's 4th and 5th Periodic Report to the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights: The need for substantial legislative reforms to give effect to the rights, duties and freedoms enshrined in the Charter
    April 2012
  • No more cracking of the whip: Time to end corporal punishment in Sudan
    March 2012
  • Transitional Justice and Criminal Law Reform: Human Rights Perspectives for Sudan
    March 2011
  • Implementing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the National Interim Constitution? An empirical assessment of the law reform process in Sudan: Challenges and prospects
    December 2009
  • Security for all - Reforming Sudan's National Security Service Position Paper
    October 2009
  • TIME FOR CHANGE - Reforming Sudan's Legislation on Rape and Sexual Violence
    November 2008

Position Papers

  • Letter from 33 NGOs and individuals regarding the human rights situation in Sudan in advance of the 33rd session of the UN Human Rights Council
    September 2016
  • Amendment on Sudan's Armed Forces Law, 2007
    July 2013
  • The Draft Social Control Act, 2011, for Khartoum State: Flogging into Submission for the Public Order
    June 2012
  • Criminal Justice and Human Rights: An agenda for effective human rights protection in Sudan's new constitution
    March 2012
  • Promoting law reform in Sudan to enhance human rights protection, strengthen the rule of law and foster democratic processes
    October 2009
  • Comments on the ban of female genital mutilation in Sudan's legislation Position Paper
    February 2009
  • Reforming the National Security Services in Sudan: Mandate, powers and accountability Briefing Paper
    January 2009
  • Commons on draft amendment of the Criminal Act 2008
    October 2008
  • Draft Penal Code amendment Position Paper
    October 2008
  • Reforming Sudan's Legislation on Rape and Sexual Violence - Position Paper
    September 2008
  • Reforming Sudan's Legislation on Rape and Sexual Violence - Briefing Paper
    September 2008
  • Briefing note on section 45 (1) of the draft Police Forces Bill
    May 2008
  • Briefing note on chapter 9 of the draft Police Forces Bill
    May 2008
  • Criminal Law and Human Rights in Sudan - A Baseline Study
    March 2008
  • History of Law Reform in Sudan
    February 2008
  • Criminal Law Reform Sudan - Resource Materials
    February 2008
  • Project for Criminal Law Reform - Sudan (PCLRS)
    January 2008
  • Priorities for Criminal Law Reform in Sudan - An option paper prepared by REDRESS and KCHRED
    January 2008

Occasional Papers

  • Universal Periodic Review, Sudan 2016. Ensuring respect for the prohibition of Torture in Sudan
    September 2015
  • The Rule of Law and Human Rights in Sudan: challenges and prospects for reform
    September 2014
  • Kamal Aljazuli: The Political Economy of the Oppressive Public Order (The model of the 1996 Public Order Act)
    November 2011
  • Nabil Adeeb: Reflections on the Concept of Legal Aid in the Draft Bill from a Criminal Law Reform Perspective
    November 2011
  • Dr. Amil Saeed, Legal Aid Bill, Analytical Study
    October 2010
  • Pre-trial Arrest and the Right to Fair Trial in Sudanese Law - Nabil Adeeb
    October 2010
  • Criminal Law and Justice in Sudan - Dr Amin M Medani
    February 2010
  • The Public Order Regime and the Human Rights of Women and Girls in Sudan (SIHA)
    November 2009
  • Law Reform In Sudan - Dr Amin M Medani
    October 2009

Outreach Materials

  • Criminal Law and your rights
    March 2008
  • Criminal Law Reform and Human Rights in Sudan - A primer
    March 2008
  • Criminal Law and Justice in International Law
    January 1970
  • International Human Rights Law in Sudan
    January 1970
  • Criminal Law: Key Notions and Rights
    January 1970
  • Law Reform in Sudan
    January 1970

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